Who We Are


The mission of the Black Heritage Library & Multicultural Center is to promote appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity to build harmony and unity among people of different races, cultural heritage and ethnic background.

How We Got Started:

The non-profit organization was founded by Nina Sherard – Parker under the auspice, guidance and support of her beloved mother – the late Stella Mae Sherard in 1982. Mrs. Parker singlehandedly convinced City Council to rename Central Parkway to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Way. She has also earned numerous awards for her leadership and service for building cultural awareness appreciation and understanding. The Library now operates with an Executive Director, a committed Board of Trustees and community volunteers.

What We Do:

The Center’s commitment to develop and promote diversity education and provide a premier intercultural experience is exemplary and has been nationally recognized.  The Center has greatly helped – almost singlehandedly – to changed perceptions and attitudes regarding American history and our world’s rich cultural heritage. Thousands children and adults lives have been improved and culturally enriched through the BHL &MC programs and services.

The Black Heritage Library & Multicultural Center is the only resource in the community that focuses primarily on diversity and inclusion. The Center is also a pioneering leader in cultural diversity education in Northwest Ohio.  The Center has existed for over 30 years with no government funding but with the support of individuals, organizations, business and corporations.  The Center has won numerous local and state awards including the coveted “Governor’s Award” for outstanding Arts Out Reach.

The Library is now a specialized lending library and teaching museum. The Library offers cultural competency training to businesses and governmental agencies, and outreach services to schools, colleges, and the public at large.